Our MK Beauty Oils and Aronia juices harmonise and rehydrate, while speeding up and supporting the skin’s recovery. This is why they’re used by treatment rooms across the world.


A life lived fully is a life lived well, yet the effects of that fully lived life show on our faces and bodies in ways we may not be fond of, from stretch marks to hyperpigmentation, acne to eczema, loose skin to lines.

Today there are cleanses and detoxes, as well as revolutionary aesthetic treatments and procedures to help us grow older a little more gracefully. Yet even they need a helping hand – and our oils, which are rich in cell-building essential fatty acids, boost the body to make it more receptive to change.

But how do MK Beauty Oils do this? By delivering those life-essential fatty acids in the precise levels of omega-3 and omega-6 needed by the body – all in a pure, extra virgin, unrefined organic oil that’s cold-pressed from seeds such as rosehip, evening primrose and Egyptian black cumin.

Taken as a morning shot with our antioxidant- and vitamin-packed, free radical-neutralising Aronia juice, the oils help to promote faster healing and reduce scarring from surgery, while improving skin’s elasticity and radiance. They also work to augment treatment results and extend the life of procedure benefits, all while reducing inflammatory skin conditions and enabling cells to retain water.

We recommend taking a single shot before breakfast every day to maintain beautiful skin and slow the ageing process. But at times where more intense therapeutic benefits are needed, this can be increased to two or three shots per day, taken as one before each meal.

MK Beauty Oils. Because beauty begins inside.


MK Beauty Oil – W

For women wishing for a supported system, and skin and body care that nourishes and nurtures


Egyptian black cumin has been used in beauty treatments for over 3,000 years. It is a powerful source of the essential fatty acids that are so vital for clear, smooth and radiant skin.

MK Aronia Juice – N


A highly concentrated nectar from the berry that tops the list of super foods, our Aronia juice N neutralises free radicals thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties.