Our MK Beauty Oils calm and soothe your hormones and skin during times of stress, when your endocrine system is in crisis, your mind is tired and your body is exhausted. Because what’s going on inside is revealed in the most visible place possible: the skin.


Stress is a word that applies to daily life, however it’s lived. We’re busy people in a full-pelt, racing world, and balance in both mind and body can feel out of reach.

Yet the pursuit of clean living, of slowing down, of eating five-a-day, of getting nine hours’ sleep and of drinking enough water can itself add to the sense of overload. While wholesale change is often unrealistic, supporting one’s system and being kind to oneself is a more reachable goal.

But how do MK Beauty Oils contribute to this? By delivering life-essential fatty acids in the precise levels of omega-3 and omega-6 needed by the body – all in a pure, extra virgin, unrefined organic oil that’s cold-pressed from seeds such as rosehip, evening primrose and Egyptian black cumin.

Taken with our antioxidant- and vitamin-packed Aronia juice as a morning shot, the oils work to reduce stress symptoms by levelling out hormones, strengthening the brain, aiding rapid body cell regeneration and purifying and boosting the skin.

We recommend taking a single shot before breakfast every day to maintain beautiful skin and to slow the ageing process. But at times of stress and overload, this can be increased to two or three shots per day, taken as one before each meal.

MK Beauty Oils. Because beauty begins inside.


MK Beauty Oils

MK Beauty Oils are a blend of the oils from Egyptian black cumin, Austrian pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, rosehip seeds, evening primrose and flaxseed. They are drawn from carefully selected organic plants through cold pressing and filtration in a state-of-the-art, low heat, light- and oxygen-free environment that maximises stability, nutritional value and freshness.

MK Beauty Aronia juices

We carefully select and process organic Aronia berries to extract their pure and potent nectar for our MK Aronia juice – all without any additives, colouring, preservatives or sweeteners.

Our powerful Aronia juice contains some of the highest known levels of anthocyanins, the outstanding antioxidants found in the skin, seeds and pigment of the berry itself. Antioxidants bind to and neutralise harmful, stress-induced free radicals and protect against the effects of ageing and disease.