Our principles and philosophy


Organic, always

We know our oils are powerfully pure, because we never allow chemicals, preservatives or additives to touch any part of the process of their creation. All the ingredients they’re created from grow organically, just as nature intended.


Pressing and processing

We create our blends with oils that are carefully handled to retain their purest possible potency. Extra virgin and unrefined, they are cold-pressed and gently processed, and are never, ever exposed to oxygen or light. Why? Because they’re precious.


Packaged for good

We want what’s good for you and what’s good for the world you live in. So we’ve sourced packaging that neither interrupts the potency of our products nor upsets the planet, pouring our formulations into amber-tinted recyclable glass bottles to protect them.


Sensitive sourcing

We search the world for the best and youngest possible seeds to press for our oils, always sourcing as close to our Scandinavian home as we can. Setting stringent ecological guidelines for ourselves means every bottle is traceable back to its roots.


Kind to all

We care about animals, the environment and the delicate relationship between them. So we never test on animals and our mild-but-powerful products have no environmental impact – either in their creation or during their life with our customers.


Beauty within

We believe that what’s on the outside reflects what’s going on inside. Look after your overall health and wellness and it’ll radiate through the skin on your face and body.

Simple skincare

We believe that having radiant skin can be easy – so easy that with us there are no steps or complicated application methods, just a drink taken at the same time before a meal two or three times a day.

Routine for radiance

We believe great skin is rooted in a great skincare routine. When you drink your MK oil and Aronia juice shot daily, your skin remains in a constant state of nourishment, so it always glows.

Good enough to eat

We believe that anything you put on your body should be pure enough to put in it, so our ecologically-certified oils never include anything that isn’t 100% safe to eat – meaning that they’re nothing but 100% good for your skin and body.

Efficient, effective, extraordinary

We believe that a skincare system should be made of components that perfectly complement and boost each other’s effectiveness. So our gentle oils and juices are designed to go together as part of a routine that works hard and delivers results.

Beauty and vitality for all

We believe that looking after one’s skin is for everyone, so Maybritt has designed our system with everyone in mind. From babyhood to old age, MK Beauty Oils combat dryness and dehydration, delivering nourishment and radiance to skin, always.