Our MK Beauty Oils and Aronia juices support your skin, your body and its muscles while you meet your challenges on the track, in the water or at the gym.


While exercise is good for you, working towards a body that’s very lean or high in muscle can result in skin that’s lacklustre and lined, because when you exercise hard you sweat heavily, dehydrating both skin and body.

MK Beauty oils aid cell regeneration and health, and support the recovery of the body from stress. Known to promote faster healing from surgery and trauma, they’re suited to those who train, because they help exhausted muscles to recover and skin cells to renew.

But how do they do this? By delivering life-essential fatty acids in the precise levels of omega-3 and omega-6 needed by the body – all in a pure, extra virgin, unrefined organic oil that’s cold-pressed from seeds such as rosehip, evening primrose and Egyptian black cumin.

Taken with our antioxidant- and vitamin-packed Aronia juice as a morning shot, the oils work to reduce the effects of training on the skin by aiding rapid body cell regeneration, by allowing cells to retain water and by increasing oxygenation. Energy levels and overall resilience are improved, while the skin is purified and boosted.

We recommend taking a single shot before breakfast every day to maintain beautiful skin and slow the ageing process. But at times of intensive training, this can be increased to two or three shots per day, taken as one before each meal.

MK Beauty Oils. Because beauty begins inside.


MK Beauty Oil – M

Supporting brain, body and skin health – specially developed with men in mind


This potent, powerful formulation is a blend of the extra virgin, unrefined, life-essential oils that we carefully draw from the seeds of organic pumpkin, rosehip, sesame, flax and evening primrose.

MK Aronia Juice – N

A highly concentrated nectar from the berry that tops the list of super foods, our Aronia juice N neutralises free radicals thanks to its powerful antioxidant properties.