Our MK Beauty Oils and Aronia juices support women and their families through every one of parenthood’s challenges. Because when mothers function well, everyone functions well.


Essential fatty acids increase our cells’ natural combustion and promote the proper functioning of the endocrine system, nervous system and immune system. This means our hormones are soothed. We cope better with stress. We’re more resilient. It means hydrated, plumper skin free of the impurities that show themselves when these systems are in crisis.

And it’s not just us, but our children who need essential fatty acids, too. They’re essential for growth, for brain development and for the development of healthy, allergy-resistant digestive systems. That’s why our oils are created for the whole family.

But how do MK Beauty Oils do all this? By delivering those life-essential fatty acids in the precise levels of omega-3 and omega-6 needed by the body – all in a pure, extra virgin, unrefined organic oil that’s cold-pressed from seeds such as rosehip, evening primrose and Egyptian black cumin.

Taken with our antioxidant- and vitamin-packed Aronia juice as a morning shot, the oils help to promote faster healing after birth, provide support when the baby years body is depleted, and promote hormone health through it all. And they’re so gentle and natural, babies and children can take them too.

We recommend a single shot before breakfast every day to maintain beautiful skin, support busy lives and slow the ageing process. But during pregnancy, nursing, times of sleep deprivation or stressful periods, this can be increased to two or three shots per day, taken as one before each meal. For children, a shot of our O oil with the A Aronia juice before breakfast is just perfect.

MK Beauty Oils. Because beauty begins inside.


MK Beauty Oils – O

Life-essential oils for the healthy growth and development of the whole family.


This precious oil is specially formulated for everyone, from babyhood to old age. Its unrefined, extra virgin ingredients are carefully extracted from the seeds of organic rosehip, evening primrose, sesame and flax.

MK Aronia Juice – N


This version of our antioxidant-packed juice is loved by everyone (although children and babies may prefer our Aronia juice A) and contains high concentrations of vitamins C, D, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, as well as the minerals Folic Acid, magnesium, zinc, potassium and iron.